Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Toppers Pizza in QSR Magazine

We were featured in QSR Magazine. Innovation in the restaurant industry is ever-changing, especially in the pizza segment, where perfecting online ordering and delivery continues to be the key to success. In fact, Toppers Pizza Founder and CEO, Scott Gittrich was highlighted in a QSR Magazine story about how he has found a way to lead in ordering innovation and digital ordering platforms by enhancing systems through a strategy of “the best defense is a good offense.”  

The 63-unit brand uses new innovation and sticking to its core brand to market to its millennial customer, which Gittrich said has positioned the brand to grab and defend its market share from their giant competitors.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Toppers Pizza in the Wisconsin State Journal

We were featured in an article in the Wisconsin StateJournal. The article showcases Madison Toppers Pizza Shift Manager/Lead Delivery Driver Michael Faucher. Michael talks about how the falling gas prices have been a positive for him and other Toppers delivery drivers. Scott Gittrich, Founder and President of Toppers Pizza, is also featured in the article discussing Toppers use of run pay.

Find out more about how the lower gas price is effecting Toppers from the Wisconsin State Journal.

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Toppers Pizza in the Wall Street Journal

We were featured in the Wall Street Journal. The story focuses on states and cities that have or are proposing minimum wage increases. In 2014, a total of 14 states increased minimum wages. The article states that the federal government is unlikely to pass a sweeping minimum wage increase in 2015, but several cities are considering hikes. The article noted that Toppers Pizza has opened stores in Minnesota, where the minimum wage has gone up, and is looking to grow in Illinois, where minimum wage proposals are on the table. Scott Iversen, Toppers Pizza VP of Marketing, talks about how Toppers will be handling the effects of a minimum wage increase at their Minnesota and Illinois locations.

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Toppers Pizza in Pizza Marketplace

We were featured in Pizza Marketplace. Scott Iversen, Toppers Pizza VP of Marketing, was featured in the article discussing what he thinks was the biggest culinary trend of 2014 and what he predicts for the industry in 2015. The piece was entitled, “Executive round table: Pizza industry leaders make their 2015 predictions.”

Scott looks at how consumers will be the focus of 2015.

"They'll want to feel they got a great value for their buck, both in taste and presentation.” Said Iversen. “They don't want to settle for a boring, bland pizza thrown at them by a delivery driver who doesn't seem to care anymore.”

Find out more about what Scott has to say about last year and the year ahead at

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Toppers Pizza in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

We were featured in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal. The article is a Q & A with the CEO of Toppers Pizza, Scott Gittrich. Find out all about our founder and CEO and what he has to say about the pizza industry.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Toppers Pizza in the Post Crescent

We were featured in the Post Crescent.  The article starts with information about the fact that the Menasha, Wisconsin, Toppers Pizza co-owners Joe Kirschling and Aaron Johnson decided to donate 100% of their store sales to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Fox Valley. Joe talks about the importance of the children’s hospital and Aaron talks about the personal investment they have in the children’s hospital.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Toppers Pizza in the Menomonee Falls NOW

We were featured in Menomonee Falls NOW. The article talks about how Toppers aims to impress customers with their freshly-made dough, sliced ingredients and perfectly-seasoned sauce. Tina Szejna of Toppers talks about how Toppers cares about their pizza, each other, and local customers. Furthermore, the article talks about how Toppers sets itself apart from the competition by offering out-of-the-ordinary pizza creations and how incredible the food is on their menu. 

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